Thanks to our sponsors, benefactors, donors, and supporters!!  Special thanks to First National Bank, Ranch Market, Big Country Realty, Farmers and Stockmens Bank, Altar Ladies Society, Hass Funeral Homes, SFX family, and Anonymous donors!!

The monetary winners were: Janet Vialpando (1000), Donna Cruz (500), Janelle Martinez (300), Mark Gutierrez (200), Danielle Arellano (100), Shelly Carter (50), Andrea Naranjo (50), Jennifer DeHerrera (50), C&J Carter (50), Shirley B Sanchez (50), Brylinn Callis (50), Garland King (50), Michael Garcia (50), Emily Trujillo (25), Kristelle & Jonathan Siarza (25), Dick Montoya (25), Jacqueline Davidson (25), Quirina Garcia (20), Teri Mansfield (20), Angelyssa Miera (20), Rebecca Santiesteban (20), Abraham Vigil (20), Marilyn Leal (10), Fr Joel Bugas (10), Betty Joe Vigil (10), Dick Kennedy (10), Debbie Martinez (10), Maria Padilla (10), Mary Varner (10), Jay Hodge (10), Jessica McCord (10), and Pam Jordan(10).

Winners of selfie sticks were:  Gloria Lucero, Frances Naranjo, Inez Romero, Castiel Dunn, Todd Kimble, Marcella Madrid, Randy Roberts, Darlene Walker, Patty Baker, Debra Thelander, PeeWee Padilla, Joey Montoya, Jennifer DeHerrera, Victoria Miera, Tommie Trujillo, Margaret Ernst, and Loretta Aguilar.   

Gift Baskets winners were:  Brandon Miera, Samuel Miera, Freddie Rael, Epifanio Miera, Mary Burton, Dorothy Noble, Trevin Kimble, Amanda Sisneros, Victoria Moncada, Pat Herrera, Annie Miera, Eric Miera, Hector or Lydia Lopez, Andrew Garcia, Rosalee Garcia, Sonia Lujan, Benjamin Lujan, Hector Lopez, Katie Montoya, Janette Valdez, Adelina Cruz, Linda Gonzales, Ruben Martinez, Tony Naranjo, Lucianna Swart, Billy Madrid, Lydia Lopez, Justice Miera, Jack Chosvig, Phillip E, Jo Carter, John Hollowell, Mary Blieker, Thomas & Jeff, Micahael Garcia, Anne Conder, Erlinda Ferrer, Aylin Santiesteban, Alice Mtz, Christina DeHerrera, Evangelina SIsneros, Monica Barrus, Frances Aragon, Anselyssa Miera, Anita Miera, Annie Sanchez, Joslyn Kimble, Mary Lou Keeth, Kilee Mireles, Pat Sanchez, Lewie Baker, Savanna Miera, Lupe Raines, Clim Aragon, Paula Maestas Ballew, Adriano Maynes, Maria Micono, Mike Alford, Andrea Martinez, Robert Montoya, Billy Bolz, Leroy Montoya, Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Wetsel, Kalani Vital, Diana Gilbert, Dixie Fernandez, Joseph Arguello, Stella Archuleta, Florence Hall, Tailyn Kimble, Kathy Drumm, Johnna Kimble, Logan Naranjo, Abade Sisneros, Michael DeHerrera, Julie Davis, Terri Sanchez, Vivian Baldonado, David Drumm, Chris Martinez, and Heaven McCord.

Winners of prints by Fr Joel Bugas were:  Corazon  Romillo, Edith and Sofronio Saludo, Myrna Samson, Ademar Alcantara, Kristelle Siarza, Norma Dizon, Teresita and Geronimo Villalongga, Archbishop John Wester, Nicanor and Angeles Siarza, Jose and Anita Pascual, Maricor Castro. 

January 15, 2017 - 6:43pm

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